About Me

My wife and I live in Knoxville, TN with our wonderful little “dictator”. Those two take up most of my free time. The “Dictator” is the second-best decision of my life, right behind marrying my wife. For the longest time, I didn’t see how children fit into my gypsy lifestyle as a guide. Hell, I didn’t see how a wife did either. Now, I couldn’t imagine life without either one of them. My wife gets all the credit for putting up with me. She’s the brains of our outfit.


My life for the 15+ years as a guide was cyclical. Winters were always tough and lean. Springs were a relief and were spent getting ready for the summer. Summers were busy and fruitful, but they took a toll on you physically and mentally (for an introvert like myself). Summers gave way to fall, which were a welcome break from sun and heat. Fall brought goodbyes to your friends as everyone went to their way to weather the winter. Then repeat.

Life is different now. I still guide here and there commercially. For the most part, I’m out fishing or running rivers with my friends. I still tell the same jokes, I just don’t censor them now.

I hope you enjoy your time here.