Happy New Year!!

I hope 2019 is going to be great for all of us. I’ve got some plans for the coming year for Guide Turbo. First is that I’m going to be traveling out west to do some Elk hunting in a few years and I’ve decided to start getting in Elk Shape. I put on some weight after our daughter was born so this is my motivation to work out. I’ll document, and bitch about, my journey to get into shape to chase elk with my bow at altitude.

I’m going to get back to fishing also. Having a newborn took up my time this year. Now that she doesn’t have to have a nap or be given a bottle every few hours my life is starting to get more free time. That first year of having a baby is just living between feeds. Now if I can keep her hands off my computer while I try to write.

I’m also going to be getting a little political on here. Hopefully not in a divisive way. I’m a conservative libertarian. I don’t vote Republican or Democrat, those people who do are probably the people I’m going to make fun of the most on here. No, my political discussions are going to center on the hypocrisy of both parties when it presents itself. I’m a fiscal conservative and a social libertarian. Most of my talks will focus on the Outdoor Industry since that’s my audience, but don’t be surprised if I seize the opportunity to make fun of someone.   

I’m also going to document some of my daughter’s journeys because she is the star of my life. She and her mom give my life meaning. Raising kids and living the outdoor lifestyle has its complexities. My wife is vegetarian, and we are raising our daughter vegetarian until she gets old enough to make the decision herself. I’m somewhere in the middle. I still eat fish, and the red meat I get is what I kill. My wife quit eating meat for health reasons, and now she has done it so long that eating meat is disgusting to her. I do it out of convenience. I’m not going to cook two meals. And I don’t expect her to kiss me after I’ve been gnawing on a prime rib (man I miss Prime Rib). The only meat I get is what I kill. That’s some pressure huh? I’m sure I’ll discuss this more through the year.

So, 2018 is in the books. I had a great year. I caught some fish. I didn’t fish near as much as I have in the past. But my daughter was worth every second I gave up fishing. I’ve got to make up some canceled fishing trips this year. The weather killed me this year and taking care of my daughter a few days out of the week prevented me from rescheduling those trips. But this coming year is going to be great especially once we get into summer. (We should have my daughter in school this summer.) More Fishing ahead!!

I killed two deer this year. That was my goal. The property I hunt on doesn’t have high numbers, and the WMAs that I hunted were awful. I think Tennessee got impacted with CWD, but you won’t hear TWRA say that. I’ll get into TWRAs management in another post.

Guide Turbo, LLC died this year. I wrote a post about that. For those of you reading this now, Guide Turbo is just me, Michael Turbyville. The other guys have gone on to bigger and better things. My buddy Dan started his business managing Facebook Ads and started Fly Fishing Made Easy. I think it’s a great idea. Dan has a great way of explaining things. I highly suggest it. I also think it would be cool for guides to direct their guest who has never fished before to this before they come fishing. I mean how much time do you have to spend coaching the beginner when you could be more productive fishing. I’m sure you’ll see some guest appearances of Dan on here this year.

Well, I start working on getting into Elk Shape and losing the Dad bod today. I hope you come along with me and please laugh at me along the way. I hope you have a blessed New Year.

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