What’d you do?


Welcome to Guide Turbo! Well, the new Guide Turbo. What happened to the old Guide Turbo? For those of you who don’t know, the old Guide Turbo was a platform that made it easier for Guides to manage their company. It included a mobile application, and you could manage reservations and your business all through one platform. Yea it died! Ha, we closed it down. It is expensive to keep a platform running, and the guides weren’t using the platform as we intended. I don’t blame them. We didn’t see this generation of guides utilizing the platform as expected, so we had to cut our investment. I still retained the Trademark so why not use it. 

So, what’s this? It is just a Blog. I’ll cover everything from Hunting and fishing to being a daddy and husband (which consumes most of my free time). I’m sure I’m going to talk about insider talk from what it was like to be a fly fishing guide and a whitewater guide for more than 15 years.

So, to answer your question about the Old Guide Turbo. Well, that would be me. I got the nickname “Turbo” originally from a teacher in high school. It resurfaced while I was guiding on the Ocoee River. When my guests use to ask me how I got the name I use to have the reply- “I don’t know. My girlfriend gave it to me.” That joke was usually met with an awkward pause and then laughter. My last name is Turbyville. Surely you can figure it out from there.

Thanks for hanging out.

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